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Boom. Turns out, I’m not just ONE thing. And you probably aren't either. 

I wanna help you get un-stuck in your network marketing business by teaching you social media strategies that ACTUALLY work.

I became a Top Leader in my Network Marketing company by leveraging the power of social media. I've used online methods to build a team that spans the country and I became a top 20 leader of my company in my first 2 months without sending a single awkward prospecting message.

Now I'm here to show YOU how YOU can do the same! 

Wanna start now? Sweeeeet. Let's go!

I’m an online social marketing chick,
a top 20 leader in a new cognitive health company,
social media nerd,
self-development junkie,
small town mama of 2 Autistic littles,
total Enneagram 8 with a wing 7,
graphic tee hoarder,
road trip master,
self-love enthusiast, 
tattoo lover,
and may have a serious potato chip addiction.

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A small town, Illinois mama and former teacher who went from super stuck to a Top 7 Leader with a multi-million dollar in sales business in her network marketing company.
And now I'm teaching you all my secrets!


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I'm Tracy Laughard,
That Social Marketing Chick.