The “Overnight Success” Mentality is KILLIN’ Your Biz |

The “Overnight Success” Mentality is KILLIN’ Your Biz

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I’m about to throw some network marketing goodness all over ya and you’re gonna love it. Today is all about why this “overnight success” BS mindset is kinda killing your online business. Okay? And you guys know what I’m talking about.

We’ve all heard the story about the girl that joined the Network Marketing company and all of a sudden she earned three cars in two days and that story gets passed around all over the friggin’ place. And for some reason we think that that is the norm. That is what is the typical thing in Network Marketing. And guys, it absolutely is not. Those stories do happen and those stories are really awesome. However, they are pretty friggin’ rare. It just doesn’t seem that way because that’s always the stories that are talked about, okay? And I’m here to tell ya this “overnight success” story, it just doesn’t happen.
So I’m going to talk about why this is killing your business and I’m gonna talk about why this is 100% not real, okay? And I’m going to give you a little bit of my backstory. For those of you that don’t know me personally or maybe don’t know me from any of my trainings online or my social media or anything like that, I’m gonna give you my backstory so you guys understand that EVERYBODY starts at zero.

EVERYBODY starts at zero.

Every top earner that you can think of in the industry. They started at zero. They didn’t just join a company and all of a sudden they had this downline of thousands of people and they were just crushing ass all over the place, that’s not the way it works. It may look that way, but 99% of the time people that are top earners, they worked for YEARS to build up their network and to get to where they are now. You see what I’m saying? This is really important to understand. Especially when you’re new. You’ve heard the stories about the magical unicorn girl that earned all the cars in two days and you think that that, that is the norm and then whenever you don’t do that, it ruins ya. It just sours you, puts you in a poopy mood and you’re just like, “I must suck at this because I haven’t earned my three cars in two days, I’ve been in at this for a week!” Guys, I’m here to tell ya. That’s not real. Okay? I’ve had people say these kinds of things to me, which is why I’m bringing this up. I’ve had people say things to me like, “Oh, well of course you’re successful! You have a huge network, you know about network marketing, of course you’re successful!” Guys… I wasn’t always doing this. I started at zero just like everybody else. Everybody starts at zero.

Here’s a little dip in my backstory. I was an art teacher. I know, the girl with the shaved head and tattoos was the art teacher. Huge shock, right? Hahaha But yes, I was an art teacher in a very small town.
I grew up in a town that has a population of 200 people, okay? We’re talking about really small town stuff. That’s where I came from. That’s where I grew up. Not to mention, when I first started in this industry, I had no Facebook. I didn’t even have a Facebook account and I had no Instagram account. I actually used to make fun of people who had social media. (I’m kicking myself in the ass for that one now.) But at the time, whenever I first started in network marketing, I had no social media at all. I had nothing. So I had zero network, not even an in-person network because, like I said, town of 200 people, uh, not a whole lot going on there unless you want to watch the corn grow. That’s pretty much the situation over here.

I started with absolutely no network, which was ok because I kinda got into this by complete accident. I started with a health and wellness company, and I started using the products because I had just had my second kid and I wanted to lose some weight. So I started using the products, and I liked the products. Then the lady who sold me the products told me that if I joined the company, I would get a discount on the products. And I was like, “Oh hell yeah!” Who doesn’t love a good discount? I certainly do. So I was like, okay, well I’ll just join and I’ll get a discount on these products. I had no intention of running it like a business. I didn’t even know that network marketing was an industry. I had no clue. I just knew that I bought these products from this chick and I liked them. So if I could get a discount on them, then you know, right on, right? So that’s what I did. I just kinda fell into this by accident. Then once I got in and I was added to all of the team pages and all that stuff, I started looking around and I started seeing all of these moms that were making like, five figures a month. HELLA good money. Way more than I was making as a teacher, that’s for damn sure. And I was like, wait. Wait a second. Hold up. How is this happening? And the truth of the matter is, we needed more money. Plain and simple. I was a teacher, my husband was a teacher, guys, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but teachers don’t make a whole lot of money. They just don’t. So we needed money and on top of that we have two kids, both of which happen to be autistic, which comes with a lot of therapy appointments, doctor’s appointments, things like that. And not all of that stuff is covered by insurance, so we definitely needed more money. But personally, I just had my second kid and I was still working full time as a teacher and I was working 1 hour and 15 minutes away from my home. So I had a really long commute in the morning and a really long commute at night and I was missing everything with my kids. I was missing all the firsts. Not to mention my daughter had just been diagnosed with autism and she was having a really hard time; lots of sensory meltdowns, lots of things like that because she was still little, she was still trying to (and we were all still trying to) figure the whole thing out. I would get messages and calls from the sitter all day long about things my daughter needed, or meltdowns she was having, and the sitter didn’t know what to do with her. But there wasn’t anything I could do because I was in a classroom all day. I felt very helpless. I remember one day I was sitting at my desk in my classroom and it was a break time and all the kids were out of my room and I opened up my phone and I saw these SOS messages from the sitter, all essentially saying, “I don’t know what to do for her.” And I just burst into tears because I just felt like such a shitty mom because I wasn’t there, you know? And I NEEDED to be there. I needed to get into something that wasn’t going to take up so much of my time because my time needed to be spent with my kids and to give them what they needed. So I dove in, I dove all in head first. I was just like, “I’m gonna crush this! I’m gonna do all the friggin’ things.” Everything they were telling us to do, everything my upline taught, EVERYTHING. You always hear the phrase, you know, you gotta be coachable. Uh, I was HELLA coachable. I was just like, anything you say, I’m gonna do it. The problem was I was working in a very, very red ocean of people, right? It was super oversaturated. That’s the thing is with network marketing, there are 10 million network marketers, and this is actually kind of an old stat so it’s probably more by now, but 10 million network marketers in the U.S. alone, you guys. That is red ocean AF.

And that’s one of the biggest problems with network marketing. When you come into it, you’re all given the exact same materials. We all get the same box of stuff with the same materials and we’re all taught to sell it the exact same way, and guys, that doesn’t work, that just does not work. And I was taught the same things that everybody in network marketing is taught; I was taught to cold message, make a list of all the people I know, any humans that had breath in their lungs, reach out to them, spam my social media feed with all the company logos and the company sales graphics and all that stuff. Guys, it wasn’t working. And I was so frustrated. I remember I was so frustrated because I was like, I am doing every damn thing I’m told to do and I’m not getting any leads. People are unfriending me. This isn’t working. What’s going on?

So I went back to the drawing board. I knew that there had to be a way around this. There has to be some other way to do this. I learned how to work my social media better instead of spamming it up, and I started to grow my network both on Facebook and Instagram and focused on giving value. And I started prospecting every day. I started sending prospecting messages every single day both to people I was “building rapport” with and people I was just straight up cold messaging on Instagram. That not only took a lot of time, but I kind of felt, um, gross. I’m just being honest, guys. I felt kind of gross doing it, sending out prospecting messages, but I did it. I did it every single day. And I built a business that way. I built a good business! I was able to quit my teaching job and I was able to be home full time with my kids, which was my goal. I built a good business by doing that and had a comfortable lifestyle by sending prospecting messages and engaging with new people on my social media constantly. But that’s the thing; it was CONSTANT. It certainly was not passive income in any way, shape or form. I would be locked in my office for hours, usually like eight hours a day, at my desk prospecting people. Just constantly searching for them, sending out the messages. the same message over and over. “You look like you would be a really cool person for my team. Are you open to looking at what I do?” All day. Because it’s a numbers game, right? We’re always told it’s a numbers game. You just got to blow through more and more people, and eventually you’re gonna find those one or two rockstars. They’re going to just blow your business up, right? And that IS true. It IS a numbers game. However, this was not passive income and that was why I got into it. That was the whole purpose of me doing this was so that I could have more time with my kids. Obviously the money was good. Hey, everybody likes more money, right? I mean, the financial benefits were fantastic, but I didn’t have any time freedom than I did when I was a teacher. And that completely defeated the purpose for me, right? I had a large team so between managing team stuff and constantly prospecting, I had no free time. I felt like I was in my classroom all over again. I knew there had to be a different way to do this. I was gonna burn out at the rate I was going. I would send like, 50 messages a day and that’s not even a whole lot! I know people that send 200 a day, but it was just taking up so much of my time and following up with people who weren’t interested and hand-holding a team of people that weren’t all in was taking up so much of my time. And I’m not saying that that’s a bad way to do it, guys. I’m not dogging it at all. I built a great business doing it this way. But it wasn’t suiting me anymore. I didn’t want to spend all of my time prospecting and following up with people that would just end up saying, “Hey, I gotta think about it,” or “I don’t know, I got to talk to my spouse” or whatever. You know what I mean? People who have been in this industry for awhile, you guys know what I’m talking about. And when I was sending the prospecting messages, I wasn’t getting the right kind of people because I was just sending the messages to anybody! Whoever’s Instagram looked halfway decent, they got a message. And because of that I was constantly getting people that just didn’t really want this. They just weren’t as into it. And that’s okay! That’s fine. This industry isn’t for everybody, but I was wasting so much time with people that didn’t really want this. They weren’t really into it. And even if I did convince them, if even if I did drag them onto my team and convinced them to join, they didn’t do anything because their heart wasn’t in it. And I want you guys to understand; people are not going to join you unless they have a preexisting desire to want what it is that you’re selling, which is your opportunity. If they don’t have that preexisting desire, even if you do have the best sales skills on the planet, and you do convince them to join your team, they’re not going to do anything with their business once they’re in because their heart is not in it. And there’s nothing wrong with that! This isn’t for everybody. But I also was tired of wasting a lot of time with people who were just gonna quit in two weeks anyways because it’s a “pyramid scheme,” right? You guys know those people. It’s a “SCAM.” I didn’t have time for that anymore. There was so many people I was sending prospecting messages to just because I liked their Instagram. So I would send them the message and they just had the complete wrong mindset. But you can’t tell that just from looking at somebody’s Instagram.

So I was doing it all the wrong way. So I started doing research, right? The nerd in me went back to the drawing board and I started learning how direct response marketers do this. There’s people online every day that make a TON of money outside of network marketing. So I started learning REAL marketing. And I just took that direct response marketing model, that info product model, and I married it with network marketing. I learned how to marry the two so that I could automate my business. So I’m not spending so much time away from my kids and not having to sit out of family events because I didn’t get my prospecting numbers in that day. You know what I mean? Like that’s what it was boiling down to you at a certain point. And that just wasn’t the lifestyle that I wanted to create for myself. It wasn’t my plan. It wasn’t why I had gotten into this to begin with. I started to implement the stuff that I had learned and now my business is automated. My prospecting is automated. My follow ups are automated. Not to mention, I’m targeting the right kinds of people now, meaning the kinds of people that I was looking for to begin with, which are those people that want this as bad as I do. The RUNNERS. It made a huge difference. It was definitely a learning curve to get from that cold messaging point at the beginning all the way till now. It’s a journey. That’s something that you guys have to understand; there is no overnight success. Entrepreneurship is a journey. You have to learn along the way and learn what works for you and learn what you like and what you don’t like. But it’s 110% worth it. You know, when I sit here now, and I’m at the top 1% of my company, it’s such a difference from where I started, but it took TIME.
All of the ups, the downs, the highs, the lows, it was all 110% worth it. But you don’t see that when you first get started. You compare yourself to somebody else who has been doing this for two or three years and you get down on yourself because you aren’t where they are instantly. Guys, overnight success does not exist. Okay? You’ve got to understand that. But to go from spending eight hours a day prospecting, to now people coming to me and applying to join my downline all automatically while I do whatever I want to do, it’s a complete 180. And I’ve learned so friggin’ much.

Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster. Surely you’ve heard this before. And you’ve got to know that I have been working as an entrepreneur and learning and growing for two plus years. And I’m nowhere near done. I’m nowhere near where I envisioned myself in the future. It’s not over and I’m sure there’s gonna be many more ups and there’s gonna be many more downs. You just have to understand that this overnight success crap doesn’t exist, okay? It’s a journey. You’ve got to be willing to just strap the fuck in and enjoy the ride.

See ya friend!

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