How I Went From Teacher To CEO |

How I Went From Teacher To CEO

Hello there friends! So I get a LOT of people who ask me about how I got to where I am now. How I got into network marketing, how I got to this company, how I went from teacher to CEO, working completely online as a social seller.

I don’t typically tell my whole story because honestly, it’s a little weird talking about yourself, amirite? Usually I’m just teaching something to others, or whatever, but today I wanted to get more into my story so you know all the background on me. Cool?

So here’s how it all started…

I actually didn’t know this was an industry when I jumped in. I was completely clueless that network marketing was even a thing. I was a new mom, had packed on a few pounds from back to back kiddos (mine are only a year apart, both c-sections) and ended up buying some weight loss products so I could once again fit into my pants. The girl I bought them from told me that I could get a discount on my products if I became a distributor, which I was like, “Ok. I LOVE discounts, so I can totally do that.”

Now, I had NO intention of growing a business or anything like that. I didn’t have Facebook, I didn’t have Instagram, hell, I couldn’t even figure out my email. I was completely internet illiterate. BUT I decided to jump in and get my discount. I created a bare-bones Facebook profile, and when I did that I was added to all the team group pages this girl was in. I didn’t participate in anything, because like I said, I wasn’t interested in building a business. After all, I was NOT a “salesman.” *Insert eye roll.* So I didn’t participate, but I did WATCH.

And you know what I saw? I saw chicks that were CRUSHING it. I saw chicks that were working from home making 4-5 figures a month. I saw stay at home moms making 6 figures a year! I saw people encouraging others. I saw positivity. I saw people actively working on their own personal development. I saw moms having more time for travel with their kids. I saw all the things that I wanted, but most certainly didn’t have.

I was a full-time teacher at the time. My husband was a full-time teacher as well, and we had 2 small kids at the time. My daughter had just been diagnosed with severe autism, which brought into our lives an entirely new pile of debt, and our son was showing red flags for autism as well, though he hadn’t been diagnosed yet, but we knew we would essentially be doing all of the services we were doing for our daughter a second time with our son. I was gone all the time, because not only was I a teacher who was required to do extra-curricular activities, but I also worked 1 hour and 15 minutes away from home. I was missing so many firsts with my kiddos. I was missing doctor appointments and therapy appointments with them, and I would just have to hear all the news, good or bad, from the baby sitter when I got home. I felt like a crappy mom because I was never there, and I felt like working as much as I was was completely pointless because we were drowning financially.

I thought to myself, “I went to school for 7 years, got a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in counseling, FOR THIS?!” To be making just enough money to be horribly broke? To never see my kids? THAT is what I paid tens of thousands of dollars in education for?? Meanwhile, some of these stay at home moms, who were making WAY more money than I had ever seen, had only graduated high school and weren’t “experts” in sales or marketing. Yet they were KILLIN’ IT! They had all the things I wanted – time freedom, financial freedom, more travel, more fun memories with their kiddos, providing for their families, retiring their husbands, all the things I wanted! To be honest, I felt COMPLETELY SCAMMED by the education system and decided to go back to square one.

I DOVE into all the research I could about network marketing. The entire industry. I learned compensation plans, I learned all the companies, all the stats, EVERYTHING I possibly could learn because I knew I was going to dive into this. And when I do something, I never do it half-assed. I was going in ALL ASS and I needed all the information.

Once I gathered all the information I knew EXACTLY what I was looking for in a network marketing company. So before I go further into the story I wanna talk about what I wanted in a company, and what I was keeping my eye open for:

5 Characteristics of a GREAT Opportunity

So I was basically looking for 5 major factors:

  1. Timing. Now, I wanna preface this by saying – timing of a company isn’t the ONLY thing that determines your success in network marketing. It takes work, effort, a lot of hustle – it takes a lot. BUT – timing DEFINITELY helps the situation. PERIOD. The majority of the people who are making 6-7 figures in this industry got into their companies when their company was just past the launch phase and hitting MOMENTUM. That perfect sweet-spot timing was what I was looking for.
The perfect timing in a company was the first thing I was looking for.

2. Consumable products. This is REALLY important in this industry for residual income. When you have a product that people use on a regular basis, that they don’t have to change their entire lifestyle for, that will run out, those people WILL be coming back to you to get more. THAT is residual income at it’s finest.

3. Debt-free company. This is important because when you have a debt free company, the company is able to pay out 3-5 times more than companies who aren’t debt free. This allows for more bonuses and money in YOUR pocket as a partner. It also lessens the need for required autoships, or website fees, or any other nonsense like that. I am a FIRM believer that you should NEVER have to pay monthly to get your paycheck. I didn’t want monthly fees, or yearly fees, or membership fees, or website fees, or a required auto-ship every month, I didn’t want to have to do that. It didn’t seem right to me to require someone to have to pay weekly or monthly before they got paid. Turns out, finding that is SUPER rare in this industry.

4. Company culture. I wanted a place where I felt supported. I wanted a place that was going to teach me how to do this industry and work my business the RIGHT way, not the Spammy Pammy way. I wanted my opinion to matter. I wanted an environment where I felt seen. And I didn’t want to be looked at like I was nothing but a dollar sign. I felt that from uplines before, and it’s not cool. The moment I wasn’t making them money, I didn’t matter, I even had some that would be MAD at me over it, and that’s just not ok. I never wanted to be looked at like a dollar sign again. I wanted to be treated like a friend.

5. Compensation plan with profit shares. When you understand profit shares, you understand how INCREDIBLY important this piece is and why it’s a big buss word in this industry. Profit sharing is a system in which the people who work for a company receive a direct share of that company’s profits. Profit shares means retirement. It means financial freedom. It means more time freedom. It means having OPTIONS. You get a piece of the company’s profits, so if this company is worth billions of dollars, can you IMAGINE how big your slice of that could be? It’s a BIG deal. So I wanted a comp plan that was going to reward me for my efforts and give me a piece of the pie.

So, I set out looking for something else. I jumped into a couple other companies right away, and they didn’t check all the boxes I was looking for, but they were ok. I even climbed to a leadership rank in my last company and had built a large downline under me, even earned an all expense paid trip to the Bahamas! But no matter what I did, I just didn’t feel at home there. I wasn’t getting the support I needed, wasn’t getting the friendship I was looking for, and I didn’t feel like there was a seat at the table for me.

And wouldn’t ya know it, when I least expected it, I saw a post from a girl that caught my attention. I don’t even know why it caught my attention, but it did. And like I always do, I started watching her. And I watched for a month. Then one night, while I was at my sister’s house for an event we were putting on for our last company, in the middle of the night, (literally, it was like 2 am) – I finally got the guts to reach out to her.

In the morning, when normal humans are awake *haha*, we chatted.

And in an instant, everything changed.

It was me and my sister. Standing in her bathroom together. Talking to my future mentor, when it dawned on me. This wasn’t an option, it was a calling. We were being LED here. An unshakable feeling down to the very last cell in my body that I had to dive into this and share this with the world. I had no idea, in that moment, that my life would change forever. Or even more shockingly, just how much it would change, but I knew this was it.

I just had a gut feeling.

This company checked all the boxes for me….

It’s only a year and half old, only 13K partners in the entire company, not all of them are even active, so the timing is PERFECT and there’s so much room for GROWTH. It’s past the bumpy launch phase and going into MOMENTUM, which is EXACTLY where you wanna be timing-wise.

It has amazing, consumable products that are clinical grade, have patented ingredients, people use them all the time regularly, and they WORK.

It’s also debt-free, and the CEO and the President (who own the company outright and are a husband and wife team) are firm believers in helping parents put milk on the table. They REFUSE to charge monthly or yearly for anything, and they never require auto-ships of any kind. Once you join, you’re in, and you get paid without them asking for ANYTHING from you on a monthly or yearly basis. Their focus is putting money IN our pockets, not taking it out.

The comp plan not only has bonuses on bonuses on bonuses, they also offer up to 40% commission, and 2 WAYS you can earn profit shares, regardless of when you join, and one way to earn profit shares is UNLIMITED. They TRULY believe in putting the money back in the partners pockets.

Not to mention, THE CULTURE. This is a true rarity because I had the opportunity to work with the CEO. She hops on calls with us, she asks our opinions, she takes our suggestions, and we build this company and make changes TOGETHER. Not to mention, this woman radiates love and is fantastic to be around. Actually, our starter kits are the way they are today because one of my girls suggested the change, and it was changed because it was a great idea!

I don’t know about you guys, but this is my 4th company, and every company I’ve EVER been in prior, the CEO didn’t even know I existed, let alone asked my opinion about company matters, ok? It is truly a company built for the partners, BY the partners, and that excites me a whole lot.

So I jumped in. And I started building. And I hit the top 1% of this company in my first 5 months, I have a team that spans the country, it grows everyday and it’s only building from here. And I think that’s because of this company being so rare and our systems my team has in place to launch you into momentum. This checks all the boxes for me. And this is truly home.

I now work full-time from home. Or wherever I’m traveling to at the moment. I was able to surpass my teaching income, and quit the classroom for good. Now I am a more present mama, a more present wife, and I can breathe financially and pay for all the extras my kiddos need. I’ve never traveled more in my entire life and I’m actually impacting other people’s lives and showing them THIS exists. FREEDOM exists. THIS is what I wanted. THIS is what I was looking for and The Big Man Upstairs just plopped it in my lap. I’m just so glad I pushed past the fear, reached out for info and got started.

So that’s how I got here. And now you know a little more about my journey. And if you wanna know more deets about my company, you can CLICK HERE and see all the things.

The point of this is, NEVER stop looking until you find your home, and never stop working until you have the life you don’t need a vacation from. You’ve got this friend! I’m clapping for ya every step of the way.

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