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5 Ways To Motivate Yourself

Let’s be honest, right now it’s a weird time in the world. With all this COVID-19 madness, staying home all day, everyday, as an entrepreneur you might find yourself feeling a little… unmotivated. So I decided to give you guys 5 ways to motivate yourself. Especially if you work from home on the reg.

Here’s where this is coming from…

I’m typically a work from home mama. I have a successful online social selling business, and I have a routine…. a daily routine that helps me continue to grow my business. A daily routine that has been a little disrupted as of late.

Kids are home from school, hubby’s home from work, everyone is trapped in the house, everyone is off routine and going stir-crazy. It’s all for a good reason, because if it means we can beat this virus and save lives, I’m all for that, but the daily routine has definitely been disrupted none the less.

I know I can’t be the only one who’s been in a bit of a funk, right? Especially as of late. So I’ve been making sure to do these 5 things here lately to help me get back into the swing of things. I essentially had to have a pep talk with myself.

I said, “Self. If you don’t put your hair in a pony tail, put some pants on and get back to work, you’re not doing anyone any good.”

This goes for every entrepreneur reading this right now that needs a kick in the ass like I did…

You have something AMAZING to share with the world. And there are people out there waiting for YOU to show up so you can inspire them, teach them, encourage them, help them…

When you do nothing, you aren’t making an impact on ANYONE.

Which isn’t what you were put here to do, right? You’re here, as an entrepreneur to help people. So you gotta fix your pony tail, put on some pants, and make shit happen today.

I personally have been feeling HELLA unmotivated, so I started doing 5 things to help get me back into the swing of things despite disruptions of the world. So I’m gonna share ’em with you in the hopes that you will get some inspiration from this and go kick today’s ass, okay?

Seriously, put some pants on.

I wasn’t kidding when I said put pants on. Literally, doesn’t have to be pants, BUT it is CRAZY important, especially as a work from home boss, to get yourself up and get yourself ready for the day. Take a shower, get dressed, maybe even put a little mascara on.

When I get up and start my day instead of layin’ around in my pj’s all day, it makes ALL the difference in my motivation. For some reason, psychologically, if I never get outta my jammies, my brain is in sleep mode. I can’t get motivated to do anything. But if I get up like it’s a regular day, even though I’m not actually going anywhere, and get ready for the day, it tells my brain to strap in, because mama’s got things to do.

So get up, get around, get ready for the day and get going! It helps me a TON.

Accountability Buddy

“Accountability Buddy. You don’t have one? GET ONE.” *Channeling my inner Woody from Toy Story* He was talking about a moving buddy, but I still feel like it applies here. But I digress…

When you KNOW that someone else is DEPENDING on you, and will be checking in with you to make sure that YOU did the things necessary to move the needle forward in your business, it ALWAYS gets me even more motivated to do the things.

I’m competitive. It’s just my nature. So I don’t wanna be the lame one that was like, “Well, ya know, I was gonna do my income producing activities today, but you know, Tiger King was on Netflix and I just didn’t wanna miss out on all that goodness.”

Guys, having someone you are accountable to makes a ton of difference in your business. It gives you a sense of responsibility. Not only for yourself, but that other person you’re partnered with to help keep them motivated! So whether it’s someone on your team, an upline, a side-line chick, another person in network marketing, or whoever, make a plan with that person to be your “running buddy.” Check in with each other everyday to make sure you both did at least 3 things to move your business forward. It’ll make a huge difference, trust me.

Get A Morning Routine

So you’re not a morning person. I get it. Neither am I. But I have a morning routine. And when I DON’T do my morning routine, my entire day is completely screwed up.

Having a morning routine just helps to get your brain into the swing of the day. It helps to get your mindset in the right place to get things done. And lot’s of different people have different routines. You can do what works best for you.

If you wanna listen to my exact morning routine, I talked about it in Episode 12 of That Social Marketing Chick: The Podcast. CLICK HERE if you wanna listen to it!

Remember Your WHY

As a network marketer, hell, as a business owner in general, it’s not always gonna be smooth sailing. If you got into this thinking that was gonna be the case, you’re never gonna make it. In those moments, where it gets REAL hard, it’s super easy to become unmotivated.

But you HAVE to remember your WHY.

There was a reason you started your business. It wasn’t just more money or more time. It’s what that financial freedom and time freedom MEANS.

Maybe it means more time with your kiddos because you can quit your 9-5 job. Maybe it means making more memories with your family because you can finally pay for that vacation. Maybe it means you can give more money away to charity when before you didn’t have enough to do that. Or maybe it just means being about to put milk on the table.

Whatever it is, there was a REASON you got into the network marketing industry, and when you feel unmotivated, you need to make sure you keep your “why” in the fore-front of your brain.

5 ways to keep yourself motivated
This is my actual iPhone background. These are the representations of goals I’ve already accomplished or will accomplish soon.

Keep a picture of your why somewhere you will see it constantly. Even better, keep a picture of your GOAL somewhere you will see it constantly. On the back of my phone, I have all of the goals that I want to accomplish, some of which I’ve already accomplished, but I keep them there to remind myself that I’ve come this far. And I didn’t come this far just to come this far. I’m not done yet. I have more people to help.

Keep that in front of you, and it’s gonna be real hard to shake off when you don’t feel like doing anything.

Reward Yourself

Give yourself a reward! Just like you would reward your kiddo for doing something awesome, getting a to-do list done for the day and being disciplined enough to get it done, even though you didn’t want to, that is a HUGE freakin’ deal! You deserve a reward. It doesn’t have to get complicated here, guys. What do you like? I think a fat glass of wine is a great reward. Maybe it’s a piece of chocolate cake. Maybe it’s buying that Amazon thing. Could be anything guys! Your choice, just make sure you give yourself that little pat on the back because you did the damn thing, and that’s somethin’ to celebrate.

I hope this helped, guys! Lemme know in the comments below what you’re gonna start doing to get yourselves motivated and conquer the day!

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