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Sometimes it's a blog. Sometimes it's a vlog. Regardless, you can be sure it's gonna be chalk full of social marketing goodness to help you build the social selling business of your dreams.
It's gonna be awesome, promise.

Welcome to 
That Social Marketing Chick:
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Let’s be honest, right now it’s a weird time in the world. With all this COVID-19 madness, staying home all day, everyday, as an entrepreneur you might find yourself feeling a little… unmotivated. So I decided to give you guys 5 ways to motivate yourself. Especially if you work from home on the reg. Here’s […]

5 Ways To Motivate Yourself

Hello there friends! So I get a LOT of people who ask me about how I got to where I am now. How I got into network marketing, how I got to this company, how I went from teacher to CEO, working completely online as a social seller. I don’t typically tell my whole story […]

How I Went From Teacher To CEO

Hello friends! Let’s get started! I’m about to throw some network marketing goodness all over ya and you’re gonna love it. Today is all about why this “overnight success” BS mindset is kinda killing your online business. Okay? And you guys know what I’m talking about. We’ve all heard the story about the girl that […]

The “Overnight Success” Mentality is KILLIN’ Your Biz

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My 4-Day Influencer Academy Mini-Course

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Here's the Million Dollar Question:
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That Social Marketing Chick: The Podcast

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A small town, Illinois mama and former teacher who went from super stuck to a Top 7 Leader with a multi-million dollar in sales business in her network marketing company.
And now I'm teaching you all my secrets!


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I'm Tracy Laughard,
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